How We Got Started

Founder, Ashley Dunlap always had a passion for art and makeup. Her story unfolded once she reached the age where her mother allowed her to wear makeup. During high school she would apply makeup on herself as well as friends. She can recall one of her teachers demanding her to "Stop Primping" in class. Little did she know that this would be the driving force behind her vision. After constantly applying makeup on her friends before hitting the Chicago nightlife, Ashley learned that she enjoyed makeup even more. After graduating college she decided to use her Summer break from teaching elementary school to take up a few makeup classes just for the fun of it... After completion of courses in Bridal, Creative, and Airbrush makeup she started her business. She opened her 1st full service makeup studio in 2015. After 11 years of being a makeup artist, Ashley has decided to expand her company to include cosmetic products as well. This new venture will focus on cosmetics and makeup education. It is her vision to use makeup artistry as a means to educate women on channeling both inner and outer beauty and to build and boost confidence in women of all ages and ethnic backgrounds.